2nd Annual


More info on 2020 to follow soon!


The South African Auction Conference is aimed at attracting all auctioneers throughout South Africa and neighbouring countries to provide an industry-agnostic platform for new networks to be formed and industry insights to be shared.

Auctioneering is a sub-sector within the Services SETA’s Property Chamber. While a lot of attention is put on property, some investigation showed that the auctioneering industry was not given the attention that was required. As a result of this, a special project was commissioned by the board of the SSETA during 2019 to promote the auctioneering industry.

1st Annual


21 November 2019


Research Report

Report on the first formal research in the South African Auctioneering Industry. This research will answers the questions of the size of the market, the value chain, and a macro view of how the industry is constituted.


Key stakeholders from banks, government, game and insurance companies will be at the conference. This will provide opportunities for auctioneering companies to build new relationships and provide a platform auctioneering companies to form new synergies amongst one another to take the industry forward.

Thought Leadership

The conference seeks to invite CEOs and executives from some of the fastest growing auction companies in South Africa to share their insights about the future of the industry.

Key Stakeholders

2019 Speakers line-up

GAllery of 2019 conference